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Technology Class


Engineering Lab Assistant 2.0 Robot

•    ELA2.0 is humanoid robot that has good ecstatic out-look. 
•    The robot has several advance operation features including tele-presence communication, facial recognition and object tracking.
•    The robot can be control and operated by voice command and remotely operated with smart phones.

Augmented Reality ASRS

  • Automated Storage and Retrieval System is developed automation system for pharmacy products.

  • The system is integrated with storage area and 3-axis picker, and supported with robotic arm.

  • The system is providing a digital twin of the physical system using AR and supported with IoT, and can be monitored/controlled by smartphones.

Engineering Lab Assistant 1.0 Robot

  • ELA1.0 is an earlier version of humanoid robot that has the basic landmarks of human.

  • The robot has several operation features including basic movements, facial tracking and chatbot.

  • The robot movements can be controlled remotely with smart phones.

More Projects to Come...

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